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It’s around dinner time here in Sweden and I can’t lie, I do miss eating solid food.

I don’t just miss food, I also miss the rituals involved with eating.

Putting thought and love into creating a balanced menu, shopping for fresh ingredients, designing a table setting for the evenings feast, preparing yummy treats while sipping on a champagne cocktail, sniffing the wondrous smells of a rustic supper drifting from the kitchen, paring the perfect wine or being excited to be trying a new one, and having family and friends join us around the dinner table.

Once we do sit down, raise our glasses for a toast and take that first scrumptious bite there is something extremely rewarding and satisfying when your guests compliment the meal – and then you the chef. It’s an amazing feeling to experience people getting pleasure from your food. To be appreciated for something you created. I adore all things that revolve around cooking and eating. (well, except the dishes).

But Master Cleanse must go on. It’s just day 2 and much to our surprise this morning Fattie had lost 5 pounds and I had dropped 4. I’m sure it’s all water weight and you have to remember this is not a ‘diet’ but a detoxifying fast to cleanse the body – but the weight loss will sure be an added bonus.


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