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I’m up to my eyeballs in conversions. Every day, all day long, I am converting something, someway in my teeny tiny head. Miles to kilometers, gallons to liters, inches to centimeters, USD to SEK, cups to deciliters, Fahrenheit to Celsius, acres to hectares, tablespoons to grams, pounds to kilos, feet to meters – when will it end? Luckily, I paid attention in algebra class.

Right now, I can truly see the geeky benefits of a wristwatch that doubles as a calculator.

To help make my journey acclimating to a new country a little smoother in the kitchen, Fattie bought me a cute widget that has some of the conversions I need for whipping up dishes at home but it leaves me wanting more. What I didn’t tell him – but he’s a smart cookie and I’m sure it was no secret – is I usually stick to US recipes, my American cookbooks, favorite cooking sites originating in the states, and that I made damn certain to pack up my measuring cups and spoons in the moving container so I wouldn’t feel so lost and God forbid lose my adoration for cooking when it becomes too mentally challenging just whacking the ingredients into the bowl.

He also surprised me with a shiny scale. Which I must say has come in very handy. I test myself daily. When a recipe calls for say – 125 grams of butter, I’ll eyeball it and slash off a yellow slab that appears to me to be around the intended amount and then weigh it to see how close or off base I am. It has both the metric and the U.S. customary units so I can visually take in how many ounces 125 grams of butter is to my eye. It’s a little game I play in the kitchen. Yes – D is for dork. I know.

Now what I could really use is a KitchenCalc Pro. I’m planning on picking this guy up on my trip to the states next month. I think there’s even a pocket version. Carrying around this puppy in my purse would positively solidify my dorkiness.

Here are a couple conversion sites in case you need an ounce or two of help yourself: Gourmet Sleuth and Online Conversion.

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