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If you’ve been following my puppy posts (all four of them) you know I’ve been super excited to finally be in a good space and situation in my life to add a puppy in the mix (read: not working a gazillion hours, traveling around the globe, and generally just being too stinking busy most of the time). Fattie and I researched local Swedish breeders, sent a bucketful of emails, spoke to some over the top folks (memories of the hilarious spoof Best In Showwhich pokes fun at these ‘kooky dog show people’ who take themselves way too seriously came flooding in – check out this famous clip of Parker Posey ~ Where’s the Busy Bee?), and finally stumbled upon a wonderful breeder who was just getting ready to have a litter from one of her prized bitches.

After meeting with her and her family we reserved a baby French bulldog puppy who was born about three weeks ago. But like all good stories there is a surprising twist…..we have ultimately decided not to bring home one of those French bulldog puppies. I know, kinda sad.

But the really exciting news is………we opted to take home this little cutie instead.

We saw Jasper on our initial visit to the kennel to meet the pregnant mama, Esther, who was due to have puppies any day. We fell in love with this black bundle of cuteness (his current owners call him Jeppe, pronounced ‘yep-pee’, which is apparently a nickname for Jasper) but wasn’t aware he was available.

Attentive, kind, with deep thoughtful eyes, Jasper has an amazing pedigree with champion parents in Holland. He’s adorable. This dawggie is just under a year old so technically he is still a puppy – but comes with the benefit of already being house trained. (a MAJOR, MAJOR plus!)

And the extra bonus is……our cute new dawggie doesn’t even snore! Which I hear is pretty rare for a Frenchie.

We get to pick up Jasper (after some vaccines, a thorough health check, and some tedious paperwork) and bring him home next week.

We’d love to hear from you. Let us know if you have any great puppy advice or any how to welcome-home-&-acclimate-a-new-dog suggestions!

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