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Yesterday we visited the French bulldog puppies. And OH-MI-GAWD. How can anyone NOT think these are the stinking cutest creatures eh-vah? I promise not to become a crazy dog lady or let this blog become all about French bulldogs but I could not resist posting these pics of them at a week old….The critters are now just beginning to open their eyes and desperately trying to get up off their chubby little milk filled bellies to check our their surroundings….I just want to squeeze them!

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Oh, is she relaxed, taking in a quiet moment & happy to be soaking up some rays or just stinkin’ miserable in her last days of pregnancy? This bloated little girl, Esther, is the mama French bulldog of our new Frenchie puppy – due to arrive later this week.

I suspect the puppy pix will be adorable…..

Stay tuned.

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I’ve been talking for years about bringing home a French Bulldog – he has been lovingly known as, Mr. Pickles. However, my hectic life and travel schedule with work always seem to get in the way of giving a pup the dedication he/she needed and deserved so I patiently waited for a better time. Then when I thought ‘things’ would calm down a bit and I would be home longer than two weeks, I unexpectedly feel in love and got engaged. Planning a big move from the US to Europe I just knew there was no way I could have a tiny sweet frogdog in quarantine during the import process to the old country, so again, I waited. And waited. And waited.

Now unpacked (well, almost) and settled in Europe, I just got married to the most-perfect-guy-for-me-ever (more coming on that later), and we’re loving our life together. Having both resigned, from great but busy corporate brief case carrying positions after more than a decade, we’re now in an ideal situation to give up our lives as we know it devote time and buckets of love to a puppy .

So, seriously, I am getting to something……Last night we met this adorable little Frenchie named, Esther who is ready to have puppies and looking forward to being a mom! She’s just a perfect little girl – petite, mellow, sweet, barely snores or farts at all and is just cute as can be. (I think Henri Hopper would dig her – even if she is knocked up).

I didn’t get any pictures while we were there but hopefully in the next few weeks we’ll have some good news to share and will be introducing you to our new dawggie. I’m SO excited!

Have a frenchie? Have any good dog advice for me? I would love to hear from you!

Leave me a comment or drop me a line at: hookedinamsterdam@wordpress.com

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