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pizza cone

I’m not sure if this is right or wrong……But it’s sure, uh, well, different….Can you really muck around with something as classically wonderful and delightfully pure as Italian pizza and turn it into, well, a hot pocket type burrito thingy in an ice cream cone?

I mean, what would the Italians say?

Oh, what’s that? Yup. This cone shaped creation actually originated in Italy! It seems the concept of Pizza da Passeggio, walkaway pizza, started brewing 6 years ago with an little idea that has blossomed into a successful company in Italy.


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Fattie was feeling nostalgic for his college days in Chicago and whipped up the most scrumptious deepdish pizza. We were walking through the fresh market the day before and had picked up some gorgeous looking handmade sausages from Italy that were absolutely amazing in this pie.

I do love a man that can cook.


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