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Even though it was a busy Sunday (Fattie’s grandmother turned 98 and we had a very yummy family dinner at my in-laws in her honor) I managed to sneak in a quick jaunt this evening.

Luckily for me, one of the grocery stores I frequent is located directly on the lake, so a shopping trip to stock the fridge accompanying a walk along the drink with the sun setting in the background, was undeniable and quite effortless. The promenade that runs aside the water is not that long, can’t be much more than a few kilometers – if that, but this coupled with walking the course today makes me feel like I got in just a little bit of needed movement…..

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I dashed out for a quick walk and was lucky enough to capture some gorgeous pictures of the sun setting over the water. We live on a such a beautiful lake in Sweden. Gratitude overwhelms me everyday. I am truly blessed.


Day 8 on the master cleanse brings feelings of determination.

There are only 2 1/2 days left and there is no question if I can execute to the original plan.

I can and I will. No hesitation.

The question darting around my tiny biscuit is this: since I’m already through the most challenging part of this fast (which for me was those pesky little days called one, two & three) why not persist for just an itty bitty bit longer…? Maybe 12 days? Maybe 15 days? Why stop at 10?

Amazing. Day two into this fast I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage through the next ten minutes and six days later I’m feeling like I could swallow this peppery lemon mixture for another week. Oh, yeah, of course I have cravings of Fattie and I sitting down to the table with a giant dish of chorizo & sun dried tomato laced penne pasta loaded with Parmesan cheese, a fresh pear, walnut & Gorgonzola salad and bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape…….But those silly cravings will just have to wait……

More lemonade please!

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It’s been a busy busy weekend here. Yesterday was fathers day in Sweden.

Mothers day is celebrated the same month as in the states but I have yet to find out why Fathers day is celebrated in November. Something I’ll have to Google I guess.

We woke Sunday to a gorgeous and chilly day.

I was looking forward to helping prepare, serve, and host 40 guests for our 3 course Sunday dinner honoring Fathers. Of course, we did spend most of Saturday accomplishing all the tasks that we could of ahead of time; table settings & flower arrangements created, china, flatware & stemware shined, vanilla bean creme brulee baked and chilled, Gorgonzola walnut butter prepared – I could go on & on but you get the point.

The dinners were absolutely delicious and the guests were very pleased. My fave? The perfectly cooked filet mignon with red wine mushroom sauce aside creamy pommes ducheese. You can’t do all this without help – it was certainly a group effort. Thanks to my honey, his brother, and my sister-in-law for another successful dinner party.


And to top it all off we were blessed with another gorgeous sunset over the lake. If you look closely you can see the frost on the practice green. Brrrr.

Dad, we miss you! Happy Fathers Day from Sweden.



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