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It’s a pleasant and unusual feeling, but I don’t have that dread of Monday mornings anymore since I packed up my office and finished my stint in Corporate America.

Stint, well, really more like a third of my life. That’s spooky when you think of it in those terms. Released from the plague of hatred, Mondays just seem like any other day to me now. Must be part of the joy of moving abroad and ditching the briefcase.

It’s been 6 entertaining and active months acclimating to Sweden.

Lots of ups and a few downs – not as many as I expected after reading blogs from expats & websites freaking me out about how hard the move would be and how homesick I would become. Yes, indeed I am and have been homesick at times but nothing debilitating or paralyzing mostly just missing my friends and family. I really am relishing in my new surroundings…..

Oh, the language. That pesky little thing.


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It’s a snowy Sunday and the middle of day 3 on MC.

I threw up half of the salt water flush this morning; it just didn’t settle well in my tummy. I don’t feel super energetic today either but am planning to go for a long walk in the fresh white snow to breath a little chilly air and get my body moving. Fattie may opt to move to a fruit & veggie fast for the remaining time – he promised to be discreet cooking and eating so it won’t be tempting for me.

I’m keeping my head up and thinking positive thoughts. I’m dedicated to the MC for 10 days and looking forward to the benefits.

If you’re on this fast or been through it, let me know! Any encourage is helpful!

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It’s around dinner time here in Sweden and I can’t lie, I do miss eating solid food.

I don’t just miss food, I also miss the rituals involved with eating.

Putting thought and love into creating a balanced menu, shopping for fresh ingredients, designing a table setting for the evenings feast, preparing yummy treats while sipping on a champagne cocktail, sniffing the wondrous smells of a rustic supper drifting from the kitchen, paring the perfect wine or being excited to be trying a new one, and having family and friends join us around the dinner table.

Once we do sit down, raise our glasses for a toast and take that first scrumptious bite there is something extremely rewarding and satisfying when your guests compliment the meal – and then you the chef. It’s an amazing feeling to experience people getting pleasure from your food. To be appreciated for something you created. I adore all things that revolve around cooking and eating. (well, except the dishes).

But Master Cleanse must go on. It’s just day 2 and much to our surprise this morning Fattie had lost 5 pounds and I had dropped 4. I’m sure it’s all water weight and you have to remember this is not a ‘diet’ but a detoxifying fast to cleanse the body – but the weight loss will sure be an added bonus.


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We’ve almost made it through the first day on the MC and it’s not so bad really.

The lemonade concoction doesn’t taste like much and is tolerable going down. img_0425.jpgI was dragging a little this morning not being able to sip my hot steaming morning mug of java but then felt energized after 2 lemonade drinks for lunch and have continued to feel pretty good into the evening… I have had a headache all day which I’m sure is due to caffeine withdrawals, but I’m trying to focus on positive things. We completely gutted the fridge so we wouldn’t be tempted to cheat and gave all our food to my in-laws.

The only thing remaining is a bottle of champagne left over from New Years (well, technically a bottle of Cava) and my new best friend, the lovely lemonade mixture. Stay tuned.

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After an exciting and memorable trip to the States celebrating Thanksgiving with a huge feast and a fun holiday season layered with fabulous Swedish dishes, amazing wines, bubbly champagne, and delicious desserts, we are more than just a bit bloated. I mentioned to Fattie that I would like to try the Master Cleanser, aka The Lemonade Diet, after the holidays and I was delightfully surprised he wanted to fast with me.

So, everyone’s heard of the Master Cleanser or The Lemonade Diet by now. It’s the popular fasting diet to detoxify the body described in the book “The Master Cleanser – with Special Needs and Problems” by Stanley Burroughs...Beyonce Knowles even mentioned on Oprah she had been on this fast before she appeared in the movie Dreamgirls.

Essentially, it’s a very easy detox with simple ingredients consisting mainly of a ‘lemonade liquid’ that is consumed throughout the day along with a ‘salt water flush’ first thing in the morning and a laxative tea in the evening. It’s recommended to be on the fast for at least 10 days to achieve the full benefits.

Here’s the mixture we’ll be drinking for the next week and a half. Yumo.

  • 2 tablespoons of fresh squeezed organic lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup
  • 1/10 teaspoon organic cayenne pepper powder
  • 8 ounces of filtered water

If you want more specific details on the Master Cleanser there is a grip of information out there on the net that is easily accessible. We’ll be keeping a journal and report on how we’re doing.

Day 1 starts today!

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